Pakistan has taken a step forward in contributing to the global spinning capacity. Pakistan's share in global spinning capacity is now more than 5% that makes it the 3rd largest spinning capacity shareholder among all the Asian countries. The other two leading contributors are China and India. One major reason behind this favorable share of Pakistan among Asian spinning capacity contributors is its 4th rank among the largest cotton producers in Asia. All these things have made it possible that now more than 60 % of Pakistan's textile export is accounted towards US and EU.

Merchant-Group is able to source a large variety of yarn from Pakistan for our associates. Product range consists of a variety of ring spun, compact spun, open end, dyed and bleached yarns in various counts. Our Spinning sources specialize in versatile dyeing techniques including VAT, Reactive and Disperse and bleached yarns of desired absorbency. Along with basic cotton and PC yarns we also offer specialized yarns for niche market including MVS, Coolmax, Fortrel, Tencel, Modal, mélange, slub yarns and core spun Lycra yarns.

The spinning division is being headed by a seasoned team which guarantees that all of your yarn sourcing requirements are streamlined through one window operation.