Sport Goods

The beginning of Sports goods industry in Pakistan can be traced back to as early as 1870. Since then Pakistan has become an integral exporter of sports goods of different natures to countries across the globe. Sialkot is the well known city of Pakistan for its value added products and leads in Sporting Goods.

Sports goods such as football, volley ball, hockey sticks, cricket bats, all kind of sports gloves, sportswear, sports kit, protective gears, fitness articles, footballs, hockey ball and rackets are reputed excellent in the international market.

Merchant- Grp has partnered up with some of the most experienced suppliers in Sialkot and Faisalabad to supply sporting goods according to stringent quality controls needed by sporting associations across the world.

A competent quality and compliance team has been developed in production areas to assure the following:

a) Assure that the goods are being produced in a compliant factory.
b) Goods being produced adhere to the highest quality & safety values.

Merchant-Grp does understand the dynamics of each of its division that is why we only partner with companies which have proven a high moral and integrity level of working.