Social Service Project

Merchant-Group contributes towards the social welfare of the society in our own little capacity that we can, whether it is a project that is being initiated by the Board or a particular individual in the organization. We believe in supporting the right cause in whatever way we can. It can be organizing charity drives , participating in exhibitions to promote handicrafts and traditional textiles or sponsoring under privileged kids to help them in their education or health needs.

Our Product development team has been inspired by the One Village One Product (OVOP); concept of Japan and One Tambon One Product (OTOP) of Thailand. Our primary objective is to alleviate poverty in rural and peri-urban areas of Pakistan. We have started working with designers associated with our Brands Division and Artisans in remote villages of Pakistan to come up with a product line of traditional fabrics, apparels, traditional show pieces, rugs and carpets.

Pakistan's rich craft culture is gradually diminishing due to our higher quality of standards in purchasing and lower prices for crafts due to poor quality, lack of education and awareness in design innovation and inaccessibility to the market. This is causing artisans in Pakistan to lose their traditional lively hood by means of craft production and forcing them and their children into agricultural labor in order to earn a lower than minimum wage for survival.

Educating Artisans in quality product development and providing a means to increase their income by marketing their products and establishing their linkages in high -return markets will improve their economical conditions.

After the product lines are developed they would be promoted across The United Kingdom and The United States through our offices and the profits would go into developing further smaller production houses in different remote parts of Pakistan to promote cultural traditional textiles from that specific area. We aim to give more than the minimum wage rate to the workers to meet high ethical standards and to provide a better economical living.

Our Product Development & Brand Director has recently submitted a proposal to US Aid program which proposes similar concept that is developing Women skilled workers in remote parts of Sindh and rewarding them monetarily and assuring that the education of their kids are completely sponsored by the project itself.

We would love to be associated with other similar projects, let us know if we can participate in any manner in one of your initiated project. For further information on Merchant-Group's social welfare projects you can contact our Product Development & Brand Director or just send an email to