Mentor is logistics division of our company designed to work with the sourcing divisions of Merchant - Grp and independently.

The company provides a complete solution to our clients in The United States, EU, Asia, Far East & Africa. Mentor is not limited to providing services in freight forwarding only but works with our clients to ware house the goods at the source of production or at the source of delivery. Mentor can also provide distribution services for goods in Pakistan, United States & EU. Through Mentor we're able to provide a complete Sourcing Solution to our clients globally.

Key Features of Mentor logistics:

Sea Freight:

Mentor logistics International provides an extensive range of sea freight solutions for both the import and export of cargo. Ranging from direct to trans-shipment services with full or part container loads, we provide total service offering.
Our worldwide freight volumes and the availability of 24 hour monitoring, enables clients to confirm a cost effective transport option, while at the same time having the security and peace of mind using the tracking system to monitor their cargo.

Air Freight:

Mentor logistics International understands that airfreight is always urgent and clients require a fast and efficient delivery service to justify the additional expense.
Through strong, long standing relationships with all major airlines, Mentor is able to not only confirm space for cargo, but also use this to reduce the overall cost to clients.

Customer Clearance:

As customs and quarantine regulations have become more complicated and stringent, having highly trained and experienced people handling the clearance of your goods is imperative. We place a priority on having highly skilled and well trained customs brokers.

For more detailed information, kindly visit: www.mslp.com.pk